My husband Drew stole my heart almost immediately in late 2010, and our first son Maxwell would do the same 6 years later. Most days you can find me mommin’, working as a cancer clinic nurse, and blogging at As much as I didn’t want it to become a “mom blog”, blogging about mamahood was a natural transition for me. This is how I found out I have a deep passion for helping mamas stay confident and soak in the entire pregnancy journey. What better way to continue empowering mamas than to partner with my brilliant sister and make a pregnancy workout guide aimed at doing the exact same thing? 

During my first pregnancy with Maxwell, I exercised up until the day he was born (literally did a leg day that morning)! I realized how strong I felt throughout pregnancy and during labor, and how fast I recovered after birth. It made me SING the praises of being active during pregnancy. I want EVERY woman to feel that way. I’ve been doing the Expecting and Empowered guides throughout my entire second pregnancy (our second love is due in November) and I can tell you that I have loved having a plan to stick to. I feel even better this time around because I’ve been SO consistent with my strength training.




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I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in 2010 with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science with an Emphasis in Fitness. After college, I found myself in Chicago and pursued my passion for helping others by becoming a personal trainer. It was in Chicago that I started training pregnant women and decided to take the Healthy Moms Perinatal Fitness Instructor Training and Speciality Certificate course. I was a looong way from becoming a mama myself, but the content really peaked my interest. 

After a couple years I decided to move to Madison for my hunky boyfriend (later turned husband) and found myself back in school for nursing. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh with a Bachelor’s in Nursing and started working in the Oncology field. I’m so grateful for the opportunity because it teaches me to be thankful for my health EVERY SINGLE DAY and also how important it is to take care of yourself. It is a combination of all of these experiences that have prepared me to dive into launching a business with my sister!