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Expecting and Empowered has been a true labor of love. Amy had this crazy idea to make a comprehensive pregnancy guide after seeing SO.MANY.WOMEN posting, “Anyone have suggestions for workouts during pregnancy?!” and then cringing at the responses that would follow. She knew the very best person to help her dream come true was a strong willed, business savvy, extremely knowledgeable physical therapist that just so happened to also be her sister Krystle. After pitching the idea over a phone call, Krystle excitedly agreed that together they could make something really special, and Expecting and Empowered was born.

After these two women launched their pregnancy guide while adding babies to their own families, they heard their Expecting and Empowered mamas practically shouting “WE NEED A POSTPARTUM GUIDE!” They knew the women were right. The postpartum period is as unique as pregnancy in terms of proper modifications and corrective exercises to get your body back to a place where you are healed, comfortable and regaining strength. Doing the wrong exercises during this crucial healing time can set mamas back.

Expecting and Empowered Postpartum Guide was born. Now, Amy and Krystle can take you all the way through these unique, busy and incredible years.