5 Tips for Getting Your Workout In


One of the elements that was SO important to Krystle and I when creating Expecting and Empowered was to make it time efficient aka doable for busy mamas-to-be. 

Krystle own a physical therapy clinic and has 2 kiddos under 2. 

I work at the Carbone Cancer Center as a nurse 3 days a week, run my personal blog BalancedAmes, and have a 17 month old. 

Working out is still a REGULAR part of our busy weekly routines. 

Today, I wanted to give YOU my very best tips for fitting in your workouts.

1. Self Care First. 

With loads of laundry to do, errands to run, a house to organize, etc. etc. parenting IS BUSY. What I learned on my maternity leave with Maxwell was I should do my SELF CARE first when he went down for naps. I felt much better and prepared to take care of him again during those challenging newborn days if I took the time to workout, EAT, shower, and even brush my teeth.  That still rings true to this day and he is 17 months. When he goes down, I immediately go to the basement and get my E and E workout in. Even if I don't exactly feel like it right at the time. Next, I shower and eat. Then I tackle anything I can before my little guy is awake and going 100 mph. Even if this is your first child, tackling your workout before your to-do list can be a game changer. Taking care of YOURSELF can help you to be the best you!



2. It Could Be DONE Before Your Excuses Are. 

Everyone needs a little tough love in their life, right? This is a phrase that I serve up to myself. If I'm ever struggling to START, I always say, "You could be DONE by the time you are finished with this list of excuses, Amy!" For some reason that always gets me to take action on starting my workout. A workout is a SMALL part of your day that is PACKED with benefits. Figure out a phrase or two that will get your buns moving when your biggest obstacles get in your way, and then give yourself the tough love you need. 

3. Schedule a Time. 

A huge part of the battle is figuring out WHEN and WHERE works best for you. Similar to if you were scheduling a work meeting or a lunch date with a friend. When I have my workout schedule set, I DON'T cancel. Position cancelling in your mind with the same gravity you would give cancelling a meeting with your boss or cancelling lunch with a friend. We just generally wouldn't do that unless something big came up. You have a date with yourself to make you less stressed, give you a boost in mood and energy, make you healthier, make you stronger, make you happier...why would you give up all that goodness so easily?

4. Adjust, Adjust!

As parents, my husband and I have made a lot of workout schedule adjustments along the way. There was a time in Max's life when I found it to be easiest to be at the gym at 6am working out. My husband Drew would go first, and then I would go immediately after. Our sweet baby would sleep the whole time. Now that he wakes up earlier, we've adjusted. Drew still goes early, but I take the nap time/after work session. Instead of throwing in the towel of being regular worker outers, we make it work. Another example is that I use both weekend days to workout. That way I can use my two off days during the week since the weekdays are more full. 

When we have two children, we'll figure that out too. We prioritize physical activity because we KNOW it makes us the best versions of ourselves in SO many ways. Realize when an adjustment is necessary and then DO IT. Before you know it, that will be your new normal. 

5. Your Dedication Will Pay Off. 

In A LOT of ways. As you start becoming more consistent with your workouts, it gets a lot easier. Your dedication will kick in even if there are days that you don't have the MOTIVATION to do your workout. It will become a part of your normal routine. 

This may seem a long way off for you, but I would recommend making it a habit. SO many studies show that if you can make it to a month, it will become a habit and part of your regular schedule. 

Hope a few of these helped! 

One great thing about our workouts is that they keep you accountable throughout your pregnancy. Maybe that is something YOU need in your life ;)


Have a great day! 

Amy Kiefer