Building a Business During Nap and Bedtime


When Krystle and I decided to take the leap and start working on Expecting and Empowered, we had NO idea how much work it would be. To say we were a bit naïve after the first weekend of productivity would be a bit of an understatement. We were riding high from writing the introduction and inspired by the idea of helping other mamas during their pregnancy journey.  

Now, here we are on LAUNCH DAY! We’ve poured our hearts into for the better part of the last year and cannot believe we are to the finish line. 

During the late nights when we had a deadline to meet, our passion for helping other women prevailed and pushed us to finish. During the creation of this business Krystle was pregnant with her second baby (Avery was born in June) and I would become pregnant with my second (due in November). We like to say we are raising and growing babies and building a business. It sure gets a bit crazy sometimes!

Krystle and her second baby Avery. Photo by:  Julie Collins Photography . 

Krystle and her second baby Avery. Photo by: Julie Collins Photography

We did a ton of the work during nap times, after the babies went to sleep, and squeezed E and E into any other time we could find. Toward the finish line, we lived and breathed this business…to see it come to life. Our excitement for the launch and to see strangers doing OUR guide is indescribable.  

We’re excited to go along with mamas-to-be as they tackle an active pregnancy. Our vision is to create a community around our business. One that is supported and uplifted by people going through a common experience. All women will experience pregnancy differently, yet it is a unifying time.

We’ve created a private Facebook group for women that purchase the guide. This way, we’ll be able to answer any questions that come up and encourage you as you go. We also want women to encourage each other. We would LOVE if you tagged us on Facebook and Instagram to show us how YOU do Expecting and Empowered.

Because of the tremendous amount of time, training, and research we’ve done to make this guide happen…we don’t want you to wait around for any sale. We value the product and the time we took away from ourselves and our families to create it. Please also be mindful of this fact and do not share your guide. It's not only against the law, but your stripping us of our hard earned reward.

Cannot wait to connect with all of the mamas that trust us with their fit pregnancies!

On the blog you can expect a lot of valuable and free content to help you through your pregnancy! We’ll also include different pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum experiences to support ALL women.

Thanks for stopping by and we cannot wait to keep on serving you!