First Trimester: Recommendations and Sample Workout


One questions Krystle and I were getting over and over again was, "Can I see a sample of the guide?"

We get it! Before you invest, it is great to know what you are GETTING! So, we've decided to do a blog post for each trimester in pregnancy. We would love if everyone knew about us from the very beginning, but realize that we'll catch some women in their second and even third trimester. 

First Trimester Recommendations:

  • There are not a significant amount of modifications that need to be made during the first trimester, but we strongly suggest strengthening your core. This is a main focus in the Expecting and Empowered Trimester 1 Guide. 

  • Why focus on the core? During pregnancy as the baby grows and your abdominal area expands, you will lose some of the stability in that area. Knowing this, it is the time to strengthen it up! 

  • You may be experiencing first trimester fatigue and/or nausea. Did you know that both of these conditions benefit from a safe exercise program?! We know, you might vomit or want to nap at the thought...but, stick with us!

  • Tip for first trimester fatigue: Do your exercises at the same time of day! Whether it is the start to your day OR as soon as you get home from work. This will help take the decision out of it,  so that you don’t go into nap mode.

  • Have a plan and prepare. We would LOVE if your plan was Expecting and Empowered. Whether it is or not, you need a plan. Some women also benefit from setting their workout clothes out or packing their gym bag the night before. ANYTHING you can do to make the process easier will help you to take excuses out of the equation. 

  • The first trimester of pregnancy can be full of different emotions. Excitement, nervousness about the viability of the pregnancy, worry about who your body will change, etc. Working out BOOSTS your confidence and mood! This can be incredibly beneficial in the first trimester as your body hits that awkward point of, "Is she pregnant? Or just gaining weight?" It will help YOU feel better about your changing and growing body. 

First trimester with our second baby! 

First trimester with our second baby! 

First Trimester Sample Expecting and Empowered Workout: 

Helpful E and E facts

Included in the guide are 3 days of flexibility, pelvic floor, and strength training. There is a lower body day, an upper body day, and a full body day for every week of your pregnancy! You can do E and E on back to back days because they focus on different muscle groups.  Aside from your 3 guided days, we recommend adding 2 days of cardiovascular training into your routine. It is up to you to figure out what days will work best for your workouts and what days are best for your 2 rest days. 

The resistance training section is repeated for 3 sets. This means 3 times top to bottom. 

For more information you can visit the blog post: Expecting and Empowered: What YOU Need to Know to START!

You can see that the header includes the trimester and the weeks you'll be doing the workout for. 

Also included is a detailed introduction, in which you will learn a ton about working out during pregnancy. At the end there is a detailed appendices, in case you aren't sure how to do one of the exercises or need more detail. 


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Ready to purchase? Here you can buy the First Trimester Guide ($70). Because you found us EARLY, we'd recommend buying The Complete Set ($125). 

Email us with any questions!  -Amy