5 Tips for Taking Beautiful Pictures of Your Newborn

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If you are anything like me you want to take pictures of your sweet little baby at every turn because he or she is 1) changing every day 2) adorable…hello? and 3) the most amazing being you’ve ever laid eyes on.

However, have you ever been disappointed with the results you’ve been getting with your camera phone?  If so, you are reading the right blog post!

These five tips will help you get the results you’ve been envisioning all along!

1. Try photographing your baby in the morning rather than later in the day.  Babies are typically sleepiest and happiest in the mornings and you’ll have greater luck getting good shots if your baby is sleepy and happy!


2.  Move your baby close to a window.  Lighting either makes or breaks an image.  It’s the difference between horrible and fantastic so always consider your light.  What makes it even better is if you have a nice soft sheer covering your window.  This allows for soft, even light on your sweet little subject which is what you want.  If you see shadows on your baby the light is too harsh.  Get him or her in the shade.  You definitely do not want the sun beating down on your baby.

3.  Position the top of your baby’s head toward the light source.  In other words, the light should be hitting the top of his or her head first and coming down the face, not the other way around.  When you “up-light” a person (in other words if the light is shooting up from the chin/bottom of nose) it looks very unnatural and unflattering.  Think “flashlight under the chin during scary story time.”  Scary baby is not the look you want for your new little one.


4.  Emulate the womb.  This might sound tougher than it actually is.  Your sweet little bundle was used to a very cozy, warm space and lots of white noise while still inside you.  These two things (warmth and white noise) will usually make your baby sleepy and happy.  Bring out a space heater to keep baby nice and warm while you are photographing, especially if you are going for beautiful au natural (ie naked) pictures.  Bring out a sound machine as well.  If you don’t have one there are white noise apps you can download on your phone that will help keep your baby sleeping or a hair dryer would work as well.

5.  Work your angles!  Moving around your baby while photographing will produce very different imagery without having to move baby.  While making sure your camera strap is securely around your neck for to ensure safety for your baby try to get some pictures from above.  Also, shoot from the shadowed side of baby with the light in the background.  Get in close to photograph precious details of their hands, feet, eyelashes and other features you want to remember.  Get full body as well as close up “headshots.”  All of these are easy ways to get many different looks without having to disrupt baby’s slumber.

Krystle's sweet Avery! 

Krystle's sweet Avery! 

There you have it!  Five simple steps to follow and you’ll see a drastic improvement in your images.  Shooting early in the day, using window light, positioning the light above baby’s head, emulating the womb and working your angles are all quick and easy ways to enhance your imagery.  You’ll be happy you made time to do so.  Happy shooting! -Julie Collins


HUGE THANKS to Julie for sharing her expertise on the blog! I can highly recommend her and have used her for multiple Howald family shoots! That is our second born Avery just above. Head over to her website to see more of her work or to connect with her! Love, Krystle 


Photo Credit: Julie Collins