Fitting Your Workout in with Kids


Our guides include three guided workouts per week along with two days of suggested cardiovascular training. If you are currently couch potato status, we understand that this is going to be a big change and want to give you some proven tips that will help you in your quest.


Working out is considered a keystone habit. This means that if you can make this a habit, other habits start to change too. It can cause a chain reaction to happen in your life. People that work out tend to eat healthier, drink more water, cope with stress and anxiety better, etc. The list goes on! Our trick is to get you started so you experience this positive momentum.

You might be thinking, how do I do this?

You need to create new habit loops in your life that CUE you to work out.

Let’s cover the basics first:




Could you fit your workout in before your children awake or before you need to leave for work? Although you might be thinking waking up early sounds awful, a lot of people find success with it. This is because their WILLPOWER (which has been proven to be a finite resource) in the morning is still strong. It might be the EASIEST time to pull the trigger on a workout. If you are going to workout in the morning set your clothes out the night before to make the process simpler. Also, have the workout equipment set up and ready to go to keep the noise to a minimum and allow your workout to start as soon as you wake up.


If your children are still young enough to nap or if they attend some type of program during the day, you could use this time to work out! As soon as the kiddo is asleep head right for the workout. Forget about the dishes or the laundry for a bit so that you can just focus on your workout. If you are worried about not being able to finish the last round because they wake up, don’t worry because they can do the last set with you.


After your kiddos are in bed is another time that you could work out. Warning: This might be the HARDEST time to will yourself to do it. But you can make a routine out of it. Change out of your work clothes into workout clothes right away when you get home. Enjoy your dinner, bath time and bedtime routine. As soon as your kiddos are down, head to your workout area. If this is what you are going to do, don’t allow yourself to sit down or start something else like chores but instead workout and save those tasks for later (or for your significant other to do ;)).


Most people think of the weekend as the perfect time for “off days”. We get it. But, as mamas, this perspective might need to change if you want to fit all of your weekly workout in. Most people have their significant other at home on the weekends to help watch the children while you sneak off to the basement or the gym. This gives you the ability to knock two of your E and E workouts out!


Have a constant mindset of “I am going to get this workout in no matter what comes at me today because I am a super mom and I’m awesome!” The best way to have this mindset is to spend 10-15 minutes looking at your weekly schedule and plan out exactly when you will be working out. If you write this into your daily schedule it will hold you accountable so you will be much more likely to get your workouts in. We all know whether we prefer cardio or weights. Pick the one you enjoy least to do first so the one you actually enjoy can be the treat at the end to finish off the week.

Realize that you might have to play around a little bit to get your best routine down. If something isn’t working, do not get disheartened and quit...rather, ADJUST! You can certainly do this, mama.

Krystle Howald