The E and E Talk: How to Convince Your Significant Other that the Guide is Worth It


Life is expensive. Now, throw babies into the mix and you might be trying to find places to save money. You might be thinking that amongst the spending for high chairs, strollers, diapers, cribs, a glider...does Expecting and Empowered really fit into our budget/is it worth it? Even if YOU think so, there might be another person to consider...such as your significant other. Today, I wanted to help break down reasons why the Pregnancy and Postpartum Guides are a MUST and how you can eloquently/sometimes graphically explain this to your partner. 

Baby, save your flowers. Get me E and E instead. ;)

Baby, save your flowers. Get me E and E instead. ;)

1) Saving Your Sex Life.

The Pregnancy Guide helps to prevent things that can happen during labor and delivery that could decrease the enjoyment of your sex life postpartum. Having a healthy pelvic floor is part of our functioning as human beings: we need it for everything from intercourse to using the bathroom. Neglecting it can have MAJOR implications such as prolapse. This means that your organs are falling out of your body and your lady parts are sagging low. If you haven't already, read Abby's story (I think that is PROOF enough it is worth it). Nobody wants saggy lady parts and if your husband wants to re-enter that baby exit after birth, he doesn't want a blockade (your sagging organs) stopping him. 

2) It will help you SAVE on Pads. 

Incontinence is another big THING that can happen if your pelvic floor is neglected. If you properly train and care for your pelvic floor (learning what to do AND what to avoid from Expecting and Empowered) you can save yourself the cost of buying pads to catch your leaking urine during pregnancy and postpartum. Women feel very self conscious when this happens and it is my personal mission to help save as many women as I can from experiencing this.

3) Pregnancy without proper training can be UNCOMFORTABLE and cause you to seek other solutions. 

So often pregnant and postpartum mamas seek out treatment to help them with their aches and pains: whether that is a massage, chiropractic, physical therapy, etc. The average cost for a chiropractic visit is $60 for a 15 minute visit. At my physical therapy clinic we charge $150/hour for a PT session. A massage typically runs $80/hour. The pregnancy guide is proactively training you specifically for the weight gain that happens in the front (hello baby bumps and milk makers). It also starts to train you for the early tasks of mothering. We've had countless women tell us how much of a difference it has made for them in their subsequent pregnancies.

Prevention is KEY! The reasons that you may be seeking the aforementioned treatments, are the same things that the guide helps to prevent, such as: core stability, hip strength, leg strength, and upper back strength. The guide is also made to help you avoid or reduce other common aches and pains of pregnancy such as carpal tunnel, low back pain, sciatica, sacroiliac pain, pubic bone pain. 

Next, the postpartum guide picks up RIGHT after you have the baby. This can help you avoid postpartum damage such as prolapse, diastasic recti, upper back pain from mothering, etc. 

A plan can help you avoid expensive appointments. 

4) After you have a baby it is the most time demanding period of your life.

Somebody else (a very cute little person) demands your time and attention. We made the pregnancy and postpartum guide so that they are able to be done quickly and efficiently at home. You do not need a gym membership, just a few pieces of equipment that you can use for both guides. You can scroll to the bottom of our shop page to read what you need. Taking the time to take care of yourself makes an enormous difference in your physical, mental and emotional health: that is scientifically proven. Just tell your significant other that you'll be the best, brightest version of yourself that you can muster during these little people years with a little help from Expecting and Empowered. 

5) Easy to stick to. 

We hear a lot of significant other's say, "Babe, you haven't stuck to something before...why would you stick to this?" It is true that this will be UP to you to actually DO IT! But, we're here to support you along the way. 1) Buy your equipment right away. Whether you buy it from Amazon or run to a second wind store, you cannot do the workouts without the equipment. PREPARE! 2) The workouts are easy to follow. You have 3 Expecting and Empowered workouts to do a week. 2 days of cardiovascular training is a recommended and a total bonus! 3) Supportive community. We made the Expecting and Empowered Mama Community on Facebook (private for our customers)for this exact reason. Women come there when they've had a good week or bad week and myself, my sister/co-founder Amy and SO many other mamas are ready to encourage and cheer for you. We're always there to answer your questions. 

Email this blog article to your significant other if they've been questioning your desire to purchase Expecting and Empowered. 

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