"Turn Over a New Leaf" Challenge | Starting 9/23/2019

Hi ladies,

We are back at it again! Another 10 week challenge to help our community rock their Expecting and Empowered workouts. This one will take us through this fall and will end the week of December 2nd.

Eryn completed the Summer of YOU Challenge and rocked it!

Eryn completed the Summer of YOU Challenge and rocked it!


Start date: You have to start the challenge the week of September 23, 2019. Put the start date of YOUR challenge along with your name at the top of the accountability sheet (linked below). 

End date: 10 weeks takes us to the week of December 2nd. ALL entries will be due no later than December 6th. The winner is announced in our Expecting and Empowered Facebook Community and we’ll also put it in our Instagram story. 


Print the Accountability Challenge Sheet. For the next 10 weeks, we want you to keep track of your workouts and put the date that you completed each one in the box. You’ll keep track of your 3 Expecting and Empowered workouts per week. We brought back the self care box because SO many mamas from the last few challenges loved it and honestly…needed it. Women taking care of themselves is such a core value of our business, so we wanted to include it again.

Self Care box: This is a reminder to take time for YOURSELF to recharge and take care of yourself. This is something aside from your workouts. We’d suggest the care takes at least 15 minutes. Anything from meditation, to heading to the coffee shop with a book by yourself, to a pedicure, to a prenatal massage, whatever refreshes YOU! You can change it up each week or have a go to that really works for you.

As always, this works on the honor system (because we cannot be there to check, although we wish we could give each of you a squeeze and encouragement). If you finish 28/30 Expecting and Empowered workouts, 10/10 cardio workouts (because 2 cardio workouts a week are still suggested, if you want to track both…just split the box) and 10/10 self care exercises, YOU DID IT! You have done something amazing for your health and can enter to win the prizes.

Social Shares: Twice during the challenge you have to share that you are participating with your friends, families, followers on social media. This will 1) help you ladies find each other 2) help us to get the Expecting and Empowered word out. This can be on either Facebook or Instagram and you have to tag our business and use the hashtags #eandeaccountability #eandemama #turnoveranewleafchallenge. We cannot wait to see your posts and cheer you on. The devil is in the details ladies, so to be clear you need to post 2 photos during the challenge to be entered. These photos have to be ones that remain in your feed, it doesn’t count to have them in Instagram stories (although we’d love to be mentioned there too) or posted just inside the Mama Community. We’re going to be strict on the rules this time, so please let us know if you have any questions about that! If you have a situation in which you are not comfortable sharing on social, you can email expectingandempowered@gmail.com and just let us know. You can 100% still participate.

Entry: Email us the completed sheet (scan or take a picture and email) to expectingandempowered@gmail.com. Along with the completed sheet, you have to send proof of your social posts. This means screenshots or links. This really helps us to keep track of all the posts. To be entered to win the prizes, you have to send the challenge sheet and two social shares by December 6th, 2019.

LeAnn and her finished Summer of YOU challenge sheet! Way to go LeAnn!

LeAnn and her finished Summer of YOU challenge sheet! Way to go LeAnn!

Print the Expecting & Empowered Turn over a New Leaf Challenge >  HERE!


Complete the sheet, complete your two social shares with proper tags and hashtags AND attach all of that to your email entry by December 6th. Email expectingandempowered@gmail.com. Winner will be announced the week afterward in our Facebook community and on Instagram. 


6 week encouragement: 

10 weeks is a LONG way to make it, so a little over half way we’ll give you a breadcrumb. :) 6 weeks is still an enormous accomplishment, so if this helps you get there…we are all in! 

3 mamas will win a $50 gift card to Uncommon James, Milk Snob, Bao Bei Maternity …anywhere that has a email-able gift card that you’ve been craving! 


One accomplished mama will receive: A $150 Lululemon Gift Card- nothing says self love or mommin’ like yoga pants! Plus a $100 Visa Giftcard for SELF CARE (think prenatal massage or postpartum pedicure) AND a $100 baobei gift card!

Best of luck and we cannot wait to rock this right along with you! 

- Krystle Howald and Amy Kiefer

Krystle Howald