1/2 Kneeling Chop (DB)

1/2 Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch

1/2 Kneeling Side Bend (DB)

3 Direction Calf Raise (DB)

3 Way Chair Squat

Against Wall: Shoulders Back and Chest Out

Alternating Front Raise to Lateral Raise (DB)

Alternating In & Out Bicep Curl (DB)

Alternating Superman

Arm Across Body Stretch

Arm Burner (CB and DB)

Arnold Press (DB)

Bent Over Alternating Row (DB)

Bent Over Reverse Fly (DB)

Bent Over Row (DB)

Bent Over Row and Upright Row (DB)

Bent Over Row to Reverse Fly (DB)

Bent Over Row to Tricep Kickback (DB)

Bent Over Row with Underhand Grip (DB)

Bent Over W (CB)

Bicep Curl (DB)

Bicep Curl at 45 Degrees (DB)

Bicep Curl to Lateral Raise (DB)

Bicep Curl to Overhead Press (DB)

Bird Dog

Bird Dog - Arms Only

Bird Dog - Legs Only

Body Weight Squat

Bow and Arrow Pull (RB)

Bridge Against Wall

Bridge (CB)

Bridge - Fast with Slow Lower (CB)

Bridge with Chest Press (DB)

Bridge with Lateral Press into Legs Holding Kegel

Bridge with Lat Pull Down (RB)

Bridge with March (DB)

Bridge with One Heel Off Ground

Bridge with Unilateral Chest Press (DB)

Butterfly Bridge (BW)

Calf Stretch in Downward Dog

Cat & Cow

Chair Lunge

Chest & Bicep Stretch Arms Behind Back

Chest Fly (DB)

Chest Fly (RB)

Chest Opener in Child’s Pose

Chest Opener on Chair

Chest Press (DB)

Chest Press to Tricep Extension (RB)

Chest Stretch in Doorway at 60/90/120

Child’s Pose with Angles

Child’s Pose with Hip Extension



Crawling Forward/Backward


Dead Bug

Diagonal Core

Diagonal Hip Extension (CB)

Diagonal Pull Apart (RB)

Diagonal Pull Down (CB)

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Donkey Kick

Downward Dog

Downward Dog to Quadruped Pelvic Clock

Downward Dog to Quadruped Rocking Forward and Backward

Doorway Rhomboid Stretch

External Rotation (CB)

External Rotation (DB)

External Rotation (RB)

External Rotation at 90 Degrees (DB)

External Rotation at Shoulder Height (DB)

External Rotation Walk Out (RB)

Fire Hydrant

Forearm Plank with Toe Taps

Forearm Prone Push Up

Forearm Quadruped Knee Lift

Forward Lunge with Pulse (DB)


Front Raise (DB)

Front Raise and Lateral Raise (DB)

Front Raise in Static Squat (DB)

Front Squat (DB)

Halo (DB)

Hammer Curl (DB)

Hamstring Contract/Relax in Doorway

Hamstring Stretch

Happy Baby Stretch

High Plank with Arm Reaches

Hip Extension

Hip Hinge in Tall Kneel

Hip Hinge with Weight Posterior (DB)

Hip Internal and External Rotation

Hip Opener with Ankle Mobilization (DB)

Home Alone Stretch

In & Out Bicep Curl (DB)


Isometric Internal Rotation

Jacks with Arm Chop at Chest Height

Jump Squat

Kegel: Bear Pose

Kegel: Bird Dog

Kegel: Bird Dog - Arms Only

Kegel: Bolster Under Bottom

Kegel: Butterfly

Kegel: Child’s Pose

Kegel: Child’s Pose with Arms on Chair

Kegel: Concentration with Focus on Relaxation

Kegel: Dead Bug

Kegel: Deep Squat with Elbows Contacting Knees

Kegel: Elevator

Kegel: Happy Baby

Kegel: Pigeon

Kegel: Plie Squat with Press on Outside of Leg

Kegel: Quadruped

Kegel: Quadruped One Leg Abducted

Kegel: Seated

Kegel: Seated Ski Jump

Kegel: Ski Position at Counter

Kegel: Squat to Stand

Kegel: Standing Heel Lift

Kegel: Sumo Squat Hold

Kegel: Sumo Squat with Press on Outside of Knee

Kegel: Supine

Kegel: Supine Double Knee to Chest

Kegel: Supine with Bolster Under Butt

Kegel: Tripod

Kegel: Wall Sit with Press on Outside of Knees

Key Hole Arm Stretch

Knee Push Up

Kneeling Push Up

Lat Pull Down (RB)

Lateral Crawl

Lateral Kick (CB)

Lateral Lunge (DB)

Lateral Lunge, Bicep Curl, Overhead Press (DB)

Lateral Lunge with Bicep Curl (DB)

Lateral Lunge with Chop (RB)

Lateral Raise (DB)

Lateral Raise with Elbows Bent (DB)

Lateral Shuffle with Scoop

Lateral Step Up (DB)

Lateral Walk (CB)

Lunge (DB)

Lunge with Overhead Press (DB)

Lunge with Tricep Extension (RB)

Lying Chest Fly (DB)

Lying Chest Press (DB)

Lying Chest Press Neutral Grip (DB)

Lying Pullover (DB)

Lying Tricep Extension (DB)

Median Nerve Glide

Median Nerve Stretch on Wall

Modified Plank to Downward Dog

Modified Plank with Scapular Retraction/Protraction

Monster Walk Forward (CB)

Monster Walk Reverse (CB)

Mountain Climber

Neck Extension

Oblique Crunch (RB)

One Arm Reverse Plank

One Arm Standing Diagonal (RB)

One Leg Extension

One Side Weighted Squat (DB)

One Side Weighted Squat with Lateral Raise (DB)

One Side Weighted Walking Lunge (DB

Overhead Press (DB)

Overhead Press and Chest Fly (DB)

Overhead Squat (RB)

Overhead Tricep Stretch

Owl Stretch

Pelvic Clock

Pendulum Leg


Plank Knee to Elbow

Plank on Counter

Plank with Row (DB)

Plank with Row and Open Up (DB)

Plank with Scapular Retraction and Protraction

Plank with Shoulder Tap

Plank with Toe Tap

Plie Squat (DB)

Plie Squat to Calf Raise (DB)

Plie Squat to Overhead Press (DB)

Plie Squat with Pulse (DB)

Prone Glute Squeeze

Prone Hip Extension

Prone Neck Flexor

Prone Push Up

Prone Scapular Retraction

Prone Ts

Prone Ys

Pull Apart (RB)

Pull Apart Overhead (RB)

Push Up

Quadricep Stretch

Quadruped Chest Opener

Quadruped Diaphragmatic Breathing

Quadruped Front Raise with Lateral Pullback (DB)

Quadruped Front Raise with Lateral Pullback (RB)

Quadruped Hip Extension with Lateral Tap

Quadruped Knee Lift

Quadruped One Arm Reverse Fly (DB)

Quadruped Pelvic Clock

Quadruped Row (DB)

Quadruped TA Contraction

Quadruped Tail Wag

Quadruped with Rotation (RB)

Raise the Roof


RDL to Bicep Curl (DB)

RDL with Bent Over Row (DB)

RDL with CB around Knees (CB/DB)

Reverse Fly (RB)

Reverse Fly to Tricep Kickback (DB)

Reverse Lunge (DB)

Reverse Lunge with Overhead Press (DB)

Reverse Plank

Rotational Squat to Row (DB)

Row (RB)

Russian Twist (DB)

Seated Anterior Shoulder Stretch with Table

Seated Cervical Side Bend

Seated Clamshell (CB)

Seated Diaphragmatic Breathing

Seated Levator Scapula

Seated Piriformis Stretch

Seated Quadratus Lumborum Stretch

Seated Sciatic Nerve Floss

Seated Side of Chair Adductor Stretch

Seated Side Stretch

Seated Twist Stretch

Side Lying Basic Kegel with Bolster Between Knees

Side Lying Bottom Leg Raise

Side Lying Clamshell (CB)

Side Lying External Rotation (DB)

Side Lying Forward Leg Raise

Side Lying Hip Circles

Side Lying Hip Internal/External Rotation (CB)

Side Lying Kegel with Adductor Assistance and Bolster between Knees

Side Lying Lateral Leg Raise

Side Lying Lateral Raise (DB)

Side Lying Leg Raise Over & Back

Side Lying Thoracic Rotation with Adductor Activation

Side Plank

Side Plank with Hip Abduction

Side Plank with Hip Drop

Side Stretch with Table

Single Leg Bridge

Singe Leg RDL (BW/DB)

Single Leg Row (DB)

Single Leg Stance with Backward/Forward Pull (RB)

Skull Crusher (DB)

Snatch (DB)

Speedskater (DB)

Squat (DB)

Squat to Chop (DB)

Squat to Diagonal Pull Apart (RB)

Squat to Front Raise (DB)

Squat to Halo (DB)

Squat to Lateral Raise (DB)

Squat to Overhead Press (DB)

Squat to Overhead Twist Pull Apart (RB)

Squat to Press Out (DB)

Squat to Row (RB)

Squat with Front Raise (DB)

Squat with One Foot Elevated on Stair (DB)

Squat with One Heel Off Ground (DB)

Squat with Pull Apart (CB)

Squat with Pull Apart Overhead (RB)

Squat with Pull Down (RB)

Squat with Pulse (DB/CB)

Staggered Stance Rows (DB)

Standing 3 Direction Calf Stretch

Standing Assisted Hamstring Stretch

Standing Clamshell (CB)

Standing Hip Flexor Stretch

Standing Hip Flexor Stretch on Chair

Standing Diagonal Hip Extension (CB)

Standing Diagonal Pull Apart (CB & RB)

Standing Fire Hydrant

Standing High to Low Chop (RB)

Standing IT Band Stretch

Standing Lateral Step (CB)

Standing Lower Cervical and Upper Thoracic Stretch

Standing Overhead Pull Apart (RB)

Standing Overhead Reach with Lateral Flexion

Standing Pelvic Clock

Standing Pull Apart (RB)

Standing Quadricep Stretch

Standing Shoulder Rotation (RB)

Standing Tricep Stretch

Standing Wrist Extensor Stretch

Standing Wrist Flexor Stretch

Static Lunge with Chop (DB or RB)

Static Lunge with Row (DB)

Step Up to Overhead Press (DB)

Step Up with Knee Drive

Suitcase Deadlift (DB)

Suitcase Deadlift with Calf Raise (DB)

Sumo Squat (DB)

Sumo Squat with Hold at Bottom (DB)


Supine 90/90 with One Arm Fly (DB)

Supine Deep Neck Flexor

Supine Double Knee to Chest

Supine Elevator Kegel in Froggy Position

Supine Hamstring Stretch

Supine Kegel with Knees on Chair

Supine Lumbar Rotation Stretch

Supine Piriformis Stretch

Supine Straight Leg Raise with Toes Pointed Out

Supine TA Contraction

TA Contraction: Bridge

TA Contraction: Dead Bug

TA Contraction: Double Leg Fall Out

TA Contraction: Head Lift

TA Contraction: Heel Slide

TA Contraction: Heel Taps

TA Contraction: Knees Bent

TA Contraction: Marching

TA Contraction: One Leg Drop

TA Contraction: Plank

TA Contraction: Plank with Lateral Step

TA Contraction: Prone

TA Contraction: Quadruped

TA Contraction: Side Lying Clamshell

TA Contraction with Straight Leg Raise

Tandem Stance Squat with Weight Overhead (DB)

Tricep Dip on Chair

Tricep Extension (DB)

Tricep Extension (RB)

Tricep Kickback (DB)

Trunk Rotation with Arms Straight (RB)

Upright Row (DB)

Upright Y’s (RB)

Walk Out Push Up/Walk Back

Walk with Ankle Grab and Heel Raise

Walking Hamstring Stretch

Walking Lunge (DB)

Walking Lunge with One Side Weighted (DB)

Wall Push Up

Wall Sit

Wall Sit with Lateral Step (CB)

Wall Sit with Russian Twist (DB)

Weighted Bridge (DB)

Wide Bent Over Row (DB)

Wide Leg Seated Flexion Stretch

Wrist Extensors

Wrist Flexors

Wide Leg RDL (DB)

Wide Leg Squat (DB)

Wide Squat to Narrow Squat (DB)

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