Our FAVORITE Postpartum Must-Haves

You just had a BABY! AH, such an amazing and exciting time. But ladies, let’s get real: this is also a unique time for YOU. As you heal, recover and possibly breastfeed. We’ve conjured up the perfect list of items that you may need during your postpartum journey!

  1. Expecting and Empowered Postpartum Guide: The ROADMAP to your recovery, healing and regaining of strength! What more could you ask for? One of the most common reviews we’ve received is how much it has been helping mamas MENTALLY. Just taking a little time for you during the very busy newborn/little baby season can be HUGE. Tell your family members that there are gift cards available.

  2. Beo Bei Maternity Sculpt and Recovery Leggings: This is my absolute favorite postpartum item. I lived in them for two months postpartum as my core healed. They support you and help resolve your swelling. -Amy

  3. Beo Bei Maternity Adore Bralette: SO soft, stretchy, and perfect. We both lived in this bralette postpartum. Just add some reusable nursing pads if you’re nursing and you’re all set. I wear an XS/S, just adding that because I know the sizing can be a little confusing :)

  4. Nursing Friendly Tops: I love the Bae Small Sacrifice Top! It is nice to look a little pulled together, but SO necessary (especially with my 3rd) to not have to leave to go nurse him. I need my tops to be nursing friendly. -Krystle

  5. Pajamas: Well, let’s just say the nights might be long. ;) Having comfortable pajamas that are cute, make me feel better about it. Truth be told, there are some days I don’t take them off. -Krystle

  6. Squatty Potty. This can be a game changer. I know people don’t like to talk about poop, but if it isn’t coming out postpartum…you’ll find yourself in discomfort. This little device helps facilitate pooping and not just postpartum— your husband will thank you for having it too!

  7. Lululemon Align Pants. When I’m a few months postpartum, I head back into my Lululemon Align Pants from the aforementioned Sculpt and Recovery. I literally live in them in my days at home because I can easily do my mommin’, go workout, put a fresh pair on and stay comfortable ALL the day long. They are the butter to my bread.

  8. Senita Nursing Bra. We’re friendly with nursing friendly sports bras. Senita makes beautiful ones that are easy to nurse in and perfect for Expecting and Empowered workouts. It’s nice to have some of your hard working gear also be BEAUTIFUL.

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Mom LifeKrystle Howald