3rd Trimester Sex Positions

In a recent poll we asked what content our followers wanted. Sex positions during the third trimester were a common trend, along with whether or not it is safe to have sex throughout the third trimester. My answer to that is: Sex is a natural thing for the body to crave and experience while pregnant so go ahead and make some sweet love to your partner. Here are the safest and most common sex positions to use during pregnancy and helpful hints. One thing to keep in mind is that you and your partner need to communicate the entire time because some of these may work for you and others may not.

  • Spooning

    • Low exertion level

    • Comfortable for both partners

    • Keeps pressure off belly and bladder

    • Hands are free to rub clitoris for extra stimulation

  • Doggy style

    • On all fours with your partner behind

    • Ask your partner to start slowly and have constant communication because of the deep penetration

      • Your cervix is very sensitive during deep penetration

  • Quadruped with therapy ball

    • This is almost the same as doggy style except your belly is supported by the therapy ball

  • Side lying (not pictured)

    • Lay facing your partner, have him move his legs over yours (straight or bent knees)

    • This allows for different variation in speed and depth of penetration

    • Low exertion

    • Extra intimacy due to the face to face contact

  • Female on top (cowgirl)

    • Legs can be bent forward or straight, which ever is more comfortable

    • Female sets the pace

    • No pressure on the belly

    • Try hands on the headboard for stabilization, to save energy and different angle options

  • Edge of the bed

    • Place your feet on the floor, butt on the edge and prop yourself up with your elbows or some pillows behind your back

    • Have your partner either stand or bend over you for penetration

    • This allows for hip movement to target the right area

    • Lots of face to face intimacy

  • Standing against the wall

    • Stand facing the wall, spread your legs apart, and have your hands at shoulder height or above your head

    • This allows for some change of scenery and to mix it up

    • No pressure on the bladder or uterus

    • Pictured as laying standing next to the bed

  • Reverse cowgirl

    • Have your partner lay down of the bed and straddle him facing his toes

    • Hold onto his legs or his ankles

    • This allows for control of penetration, depth, speed, rhythm, and angles

    • Also there can be pressure against G-spot

      • This can create different/more intense orgasmic response

  • Man on top (missionary- NOt pictured)

    • You are laying down in the bed but your partner is keeping themself up with arms

    • Try tucking pillows under your back

  • Floating cowgirl/reverse cowgirl (not Pictured)

    • This is done in the bathtub to fight against gravity and less pressure on momma

    • Straddle your partner either facing him or reverse

    • Hands are free for extra stimulation of the clitoris

Krystle Howald